And ANOTHER blog is born…

My intention with this blog is to chronicle the building of our garden. We moved here, to the home I grew up in, last year. Other than a Redwood tree grove, planted by my grandparents in the 50’s, it was basically an empty lot.

Incredible changes have already taken place, and I plan to go backwards a bit and get the pictures chronicled here. If noone else ever reads this, its ok. I am doing it as much for a place to keep my garden records, ideas and so forth in one place. I have had numerous, waaay numerous notebooks. I probably have at least a half dozen laying around with some sort of gardening gibberish, drawing and/or notes scribbled on some random page. Enough!! If its here, I wont lose it.

Also, I work at a nursery, and have most of my adult life, although I did take several years off to have some babies (I have six kids). Horticulture and gardening have been a passion of mine since back before I can remember anything. Part of it was nurtured right here on this land, with my grandparents growing lots of vegetables and canning, freezing and eating them year round. They were transplanted farmers from Nebraska, and it never left their system.

My mother, too, loved flowers. We loved to go to nurseries or even just garden departments and buy “whatever looked pretty”. Looking back I think she spent more than she should have, as a single mom, but it did help to plant the seed inside me. By middle school we had moved from here to a nearby town and I was spending time at a nursery a few blocks away, and my allowance too. Then, a month after I turned 18 I got my current job at Mid City. I can’t imagine a better fit for me.

BUT, the nursery industry, while a wonderful job, does not make very much money. I am paid the going rate for a nursery worker with my experience I believe, but your local nurseries are suffering in these times. And so, I thrift shop. I Craigslist and when I am off on a rare Saturday, I garage sale. I will pick through the trash, take your cast offs, and haul home buckets of thrown out plants, just for the soil on the root balls. If its free, or at least very cheap, I will try my darndest to make use of it! Thus, the name of my blog.

Mostly gardening but come on, Im a mom too, and a lover of creative crafts and hobbies. So who knows. Maybe even some warm and fuzzy knitted Waldorf moments…if you have actually read through this: thanks! Say Hi!

P.S. Bare with me while I play around and learn how this thing works!


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