The Big Picture

Our little town grew and grew over the years since our house set foot down here at Windy Grove. In the beginning you could see the freeway across and through the fields from the front yard. Out back you could see down to the water.

Here is a recent Google Earth Image

Here is a closer shot. This is during the awful and destructive “Rental Years”. These were only a few years, maybe three, but in that time much damage, along with general neglect and total lack of respect, occurred. The back half of the garden was literally used as a parking lot, for a shuttle service. This packed the clay down tight. The front house was…well, used as an indoor garden. The damage was extensive and the repairs were expensive. I prefer to live in denial that this time happened at all.

 Ok, the transformation has begun. This is probably around Novemeber 2010, a few months after we moved in. The fence and gate are up, the front yard is still pretty much barren. When we moved in we had a dead Spruce removed that was taller than the house, as well as “junk” shrubs and volunteer palms, all front yard. If you go straight up from the trampoline and slightly to the right that is our first planting: a 24″ box Tipu tree.


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